Growing Family Issues in Ahmadiyya

In Ahmadiyya jamaat the problem of husband-wife relationship and break-up of marriages is on increase day by day. The problems are aggravated also because of foolish hypocrisy of Jamaat leadership and their insistence on observation of their outdated views, values and principles. If a problem is presented to them, they totally refuse to even attempt to understand the real cause of the problem and instead try to impose a formula solution based on their personal biases and prejudices and often based on which party is more influential and bigger payer of chanda. Read More »

جرمنی سے ایک خط

A German Ahmadi writes about Jamaat’s attacks on web site and the problems of German Ahmadies.

ایک جرمن احمدی کا جماعت احمدیہ جرمنی کے مسایل کے بارے میں خط۔

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