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پانچ مفسرین نے ۳:۱۴۴ میں ‘قد خلت’ سے کیا سمجھا

Our learned brother, Waqar Akbar Cheema, has ignored the request to follow the method of Quranic scholars: find the phrase/word in other places in the Quran, then consult the mufassireen (commentators), and then resort to reasoning from the dictionary. When faced with the established meaning of qad khalat from his chosen translations, he asked for presentation of the conventional meaning in Arabic.

This is the flawed original article and this is the rebuttal in English.

I did not choose this debate as I am far too busy. I privately implored and begged the brother to leave this topic alone as this is a divisive topic and there are very strong arguments on both sides.  Even now, all the brother has to do is accord the meaning to ‘qad khalat’ that great Muslim scholars have given for past 1400 years, and not come up with his own new meaning just out of spite of Qadianism.

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