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  1. We nice article. Its realy the situation of every ahmadi family. But we are allowed to talk. You are doing a great job. you are our voice.God Bless you

  2. Its reality and ahmadis never think that thier prayer houses are actually performing the function of ‘Chanda Ghar’. its time to wake for us in good benefit of our children.

  3. Its not fair to criticise the Nizam in Public, we can solve our matter in our meetings. If someone have issue with chanda then talk with office holders. Obey Nizam at any cost.

  4. Yes its true its happend many time with us. on the other hand there is no way, we will pay then we will stay. Its the duty of Kalifa to take care of his follower .

  5. بھت اچھا لکھا ھے۔بیچارے قدیانی کھانے کو ھو نھیں مگر چندا دینا ،نعمان صاحب

  6. raja nouman nizam can harm you after it.you are exposing them very deeply and in a new way. my prayers and prayers of every common ahmadi is with you, . ahmedi org is the voice of ahmadis. ahmedi org zinda bad.

  7. راجہ نعمان صاحب کیوں ہمارے عہدوں کے پیچھے پڑیں ہیں۔ٹھیک ہے کہ نظام میں غلطیاں ہیں مگر ہم انھیں درست کر نے کی کوشش کر رہے ہیں۔آرٹیکل آپ کا لگتا ہے مگر حاضریاں ہماری شروع ہو جاتی ہیں۔

  8. ".The only active department now a days in jamaat is the "chanda collecting”departmet so-called "Maal’

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